About Us


Step outside and look around. The world is teaming with beauty and color. From the dragonflies wings to the seashells at the beach, there is radiance and glow to the life around us. 

As ordinary people we have traveled the world and stood in extraordinary places; our breath taken away as we experience the beauty of untainted  landscape. As artists we have returned from those places longing to recreate what we’ve seen with our eyes, with our hands. 

In our art you will find us reminiscing about our trips to Lake Arrowhead when fresh snow had fallen and the pines stood silent and still. 

You will see the colors of the pebbles we would find at Moonstone Beach,  a haven of a place we frequented to get away from the busyness of  everyday life. And the sunsets in California that kiss the sky with warmth and happiness. 

We hope that adding pieces of our art to your home will bring you joy  and take you to your own extraordinary places of beauty and tranquility.